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Find here a brief introduction to our services - for any other information please email or call for a friendly chat.

What we do....

Electronic repair, servicing, modification, installation, wiring and custom services in our workshop in Scotland at Glasgow's Charing Cross.

We work on AV and studio equipment including consoles, tape machines, microphones, outboard gear and keyboard instruments including Hammond organs, Wurlitzer and Rhodes pianos. Also power amplifiers and instrument amplifiers for guitar, bass and keyboard.

Studio consoles by Amek, Neve, SSL, Yamaha, Euphonix, Midas, Audient etc

Power amplifiers by Crown, EV, Chevin, Yamaha, Crest etc

Powered audio systems such as Bose L1, Yamaha StagePAS etc

Instrument amplifiers by Marshall, Fender, Ampeg, Ashdown etc

Our clients include recording and rehearsal studios, bands, hire companies, places of worship, theatres and schools.

We aim to provide a friendly, professional, fastidious and reliable service. All work is guaranteed.

We can generally provide a free, no obligation quotation.

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What have we been doing recently?

Some vintage units for upgrades and repairs including Roland SH101s, 106s, HS60, Linn drum LM-2 and Ensoniq SQ-80. Several clever people such as Analogue Renaissance and Tubbotec make modules to upgrade and repair these machines.

A number of keyboards and synths by Korg - A TR needing a replacement key, a SP170 with key contact issues and a Polysix with backup battery and background noise problems.

We have had a varied selection of Power Amplifiers in this last month, large and small, including models by Crown, Void, FFA, Chevin and Yamaha. All have been cleaned out, repaired and tested.

Several wee vintage synthesisers came to the workshop for servicing and repairs. We've been inside the Moog Prodigy, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Korg MS20 and Moog Voyager.

We can repair firewire problems with audio interfaces by the likes of MOTU. The firewire interface chip usually requires replacing along with various surface mount components. Recently we have had the 896HD, the 828, Ultralite and Traveler.

Two or three Dynacord Powermate 600 and 1000 units with faulty power amplifiers and intermittent preamp channel outputs.

Several Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus units requiring replacement of damaged network link connectors.

A Cooper CS106+1 recording desk needing compressor repair and prefade send conversion.

Plenty of BSS FCS966 EQ units requiring various repairs such as fader replacement.

We've been servicing some great Neve gear in recent weeks including various Portico outboard units and a rare Decca Neve console.

Yamaha DSP-1100 Sound Projectors sometimes stop projecting sound - we can make them work again !

Some units repaired and serviced this week include an Access Virus, some microphones by Shure, AKG & Audix and a Mackie SR24.4 VLZ Pro mixer.

Service of a number of the ubiquitous Technics SL-1210 turntable. Some had audio leads replaced with better components, grounding wire modifications, replacement pitch controls or tonearms and other general tune-ups.

Synth service on machines like the Korg Delta, Mini 700, SH101 and Roland Juno 106

The Yamaha DX7, Roland D50, GEM WX2 and Nord Electro 3 are some of the keyboards we have repaired this week.

We've been back at Chem 19's Studio 2 in Blantyre to add further TT patchbays. The wiring was completed in our workshop and transferred to the studio for installation.

We've been up to our eyeballs in Power Amplifiers this week. We've had models by MC2, D&B, Martin, Lab Gruppen, Crown, Yamaha and the like. We test these with a high power load and a distortion analyser to make sure they're reliable.

Repair to Korg MicroKorg. Use of wrong power supply required replacement of several power components and the microcontoller.

Various repairs to various keyboards this week - intermittent noises from a Yamaha CS1X and distorted output from a Roland XP-80. Also a service of a beat-up Korg Mini700.

Unhappy Amek Series 9000 power supplies kept us busy this weekend.

A Bose L1 system required servicing after years of operation after it started popping and crackling.

An Elektron Machinedrum needed all its rotary encoders replacing. They had become worn and intermittent.

A Roland G70 required repair after it was bumped during a frantic gig.

Repair to a semi-dead electronic Morris Church Organ. We do repair and servicing of Electronic Church Organs throughout Scotland.

Repair to a Mackie HDR24 following a blow up mid-session.

Service and fan replacement of an SSL G Series power unit.

Service of a Neumann U67 following an unfortunate drop.

Service of Midas Venice 320. Also rectification of various EQ / monitor faults.

Construction of GSSL SSL clone compressor from supplied PCB kits.

Fitted CV/gate retrofit to Korg 800DV synth. The kit was supplied by Analogue Solutions.

The legendary Glen Campbell is currently gigging in the UK. The hire company called on us to give his favorite Fender guitar amps a health check.

A couple of the excellent Hammond X5 organs have been cured of their faults from notes not working due to faulty octave generators to dead reverb and percussion circuits.

Hammond X5

Some nice examples of Wurlitzer and Rhodes pianos have been on the bench recently with a variety of electronic and mechanical faults.

DJ equipment has again been the order of the day with several servicing jobs from DJs in the UK such as units by Pioneer, Technics, Allen and Heath and Numark. Units requiring repairs following drink spills to older, tired units needing servicing and replacement laser units. We have completed several during-week turnarounds for busy DJs.

We've been repairing and servicing a mountain of power amplifiers recently such as the Crown MA2401, Crown 5000VZ, EV P3000, 100V line units for theatre and clubs and many other models by Crown, Crest Audio, EV, Yamaha, Dynacord and the like. Many had blown output channels and some just needed serviced and the cobwebs sucked out.

The cold weather has brought a bunch of elderly Hammond organs to their knees..! We have had six calls for Hammond and Leslie repair and service in as many weeks.

The Connect Festival brings a heap of beer-damaged equipment to the workbench!

Patchbay and studio wiring has been all the rage this month - We have been involved in wiring patchbays, wallboxes and multipair and utility cabling in LoFi Studios in Glasgow, a private studio in Dumfries, Franz Ferdinand's Studio in Glasgow and Chem 19's Recording Studios in Hamilton

Inveraray Jail had issues with their courtroom exhibition. We serviced the audio setup when some of the characters' voices became distorted.

Riverside Studio's Amek Mozart developed problems with the Supertrue automation interface, power supplies, grouping computer and VCA automation over the holiday period. It never rains....

This has been Marshall week. At least ten Marshall JCM2000 and JCM900 amplifiers have come to and gone from our bench, all fully tested and good as new.

Glasgow venue The Arches required a repair to a Pioneer CDJ 1000 mkII. We see many of these and do component level repair on the boards.

Pacific Audio's new voiceover studios in Glasgow.We were involved in equipment configuration, patchbay wiring (pic) and installation, including modification of Presonus units for use during ISDN sessions.

Careful repairs to a classic Fairchild 670 compressor. It is over 50 years old and the power supply needed some work to keep it compressing hopefully for another 50.


Emergency repair of SSL power supply - Terminal Music needed a fast repair to keep working. Swift repair to a regulation module and new fuses had the desk running again.

Service of Studer 126 console - A sprucing up of pots, repair to the limiting module and a setup to studio reference level.